Walleigh (Walliriam)

Walleigh is out of Sissy by the great Hanoverian Walldorf. Walleigh is a big warmblood with white socks and an odd white band on his right rear leg. Everything is big and tall about this horse, but he is a cool dude. His name is pronounced Wall-ear-e-um. Rebecca’s mother’s name was Miriam. She combined the two names Walldorf + Miriam for the unisex name Walliriam and named the embryo. Walleigh was branded at the Oldenburg NA kerning in Reddick the day Walldorf was put down due to old age and founder. : (

He is curious and sociable and is always the first one up from the pasture, eager to greet you. Walleigh loves to play, particularly with Oncore, and has even been seen carrying around a fence post in his mouth like a dog playing fetch.

Walleigh received most of his training on the trail and through the many lessons he audits as he watches other members of his horse family being ridden in the ring. Although Walleigh is usually laid back, he has been known to spook at the sight of little yellow butterflies, reminding us all how important it is to hold on with your knees. Walleigh is just starting his career as a lessons horse.  He loves to jump, play in the hose, be center of attention and lead on the trail. His attention span is short, but he has a flashy trot and moves beautifully like his poppa.  While in utero, Sissy became deathly ill with the strangles virus. Rebecca feared she would loose both momma and baby. However with great care from the teams at UF and a month long stay in quarantine, he was successfully foaled out. Unfortunately he has a very swayed back, most likely due to the high temps (106-108°) Sissy had. However, he was never intended to be sold, so he is the farm’s “love child” – and we all love him,