Nikel ❤️


On November 13 2017 Nik came in for dinner and was not able to walk in a forward manner. I worked through what I thought was a cardiac event preparing for the worst. Savhana was here to help me through the days. She and I stayed with Nik, in his makeshift paddock until the vet arrived Monday Nov 20th at which time I made the saddest decision to put him down. He is buried under a beautiful oak tree and I plan to plant a Sassafras tree from my dad’s property to mark his grave. He was mine for 24 1/2 years. He would have been 30 February 26, 2018. He was my greatest accomplishment to date, taking him from an angry off the track TB to my best beginners horse of all.  I miss my Nik. 


Nikel (nickle), was the first horse most beginners rode. Nikel is the leader of the herd, but at 31 years old, don’t let him fool you. There is still a lot of spirit in this former racehorse.

The great-grandson of triple crown winner War Admiral, Nikel strongly resembles War Admiral’s sire, legendary racehorse Man O’War.  Nikel has a beautiful copper coat, with a white star on his forehead.  Many a rider have fallen in love with this handsome guy.

Rebecca found him when he was 7 years old and discovered quickly that while Nikel had not inherited Man O’War’s world class speed, he shared his great-great grand sire’s fierce spirit.  Years of love and devotion have mellowed this horse who is now gentle and loving and great with kids.

With Nikel, you have to step on the gas pedal to make him move forward, but he is not as slow as he seems in the ring.  On the trail, you will meet Nikel the racehorse as he pins his ears back, snorts like a stallion, and races to take the lead.

Nikel  is a clever teacher, with many tricks up his legs, who will teach you where your hands belong, and build you your riding legs. He likes to spring pop quizzes on his riders to make sure you remember your lessons such as how to keep him moving on a twenty meter circle.  But you only get an hour and then “Dr. Nik” will tell you, “Your time is up.”

He loves all treats, but bring him peppermints and you will have a friend for life.

Nik&Tanna in the rain  nik&brit  nik&kriselle  nik&rachael