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Dusty is our Dunn colored Snowflake Appaloosa mare born in 1990. She was purchased in 1998 as a 8 year old for Rebecca’s daughter, Amanda, to ride in the local Pony Club. Dusty was converted by Rebecca from a team penning/western trail horse to a eventing/pony club horse. Dusty went to Aunt Natalie’s house about 8 years ago, as Amanda became deeply involved in the sport of All-star Cheerleading. So, cousins Kristen and Kyle took her and work, rode, showed and enjoyed her in the local 4H events and trail rides. Dusty came back to Thaddledo Farm in 2015 and is in the lessons program, doing very well.

[More about Dusty coming soon.]

Dusty is a mare who is a little unpredictable, as most Appy’s are. So depending on the confidence of the rider and the weather and how balanced you are as a rider, she is selected for riding a more advanced, strong minded rider. We have changed her bit to a very mild and comfortable snaffle, which all the horses here get anyway, and she is fed lots of love with carrots (her fav), peppermints and apples.

When Dusty arrived home from her stay with Aunt Nat’s…Nik, Sissy and Oncore all remembered her immediately, even though they had not see or smelt each other in about 8 years. Within 10 minutes, Oncore and Dusty were grazing muzzle to muzzle, as if no time had passed. It was a very boring reunite, with no high tailing or kicking. I was happy for that, although I must admit, I love seeing the horses high tail around the pasture, hollering and frolicking. It’s amazing what horses do remember.

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