New and Returning Student/Lessons Pricing: 

All lessons run approximately 1.5 hours

Private Lessons (one on one)
$55 per lesson, pay as you go
$500/package of 10  (must use within 16 weeks) $5 per lesson savings
$270/package  – 6 lessons commitment per month required $10 per lesson savings

Semi-Private Lessons (contact us to confirm availability)
2 riders per group  •  Parent/child  • Spouses/friends lessons
$40/rider pay was you go ($80 per session)
$700/package of 10 lessons x2 riders  (must use within 16 weeks)
$360/month 6 lessons per month commitment required x2 riders
Personalized packages are available on as needed basis

We do not teach during bad weather (rain, wind, ice) and do not charge you for inclement or extreme (heat) weather, as the ride is normally cancelled in advance.

Cancellation policy is 24 hours notice, except in the event of emergency or stormy weather. Once a lesson starts, regardless of weather at the time of start, payment is due.

If you leave the program, your rate is recalculated to a current rate.

We do not offer cash refunds on any package purchased! All funds go directly into the care, feed and health of the horses. An alternate rider can be sponsored to fulfill package in the event you are unable to continue with the program package.

We end our lessons on a good note.