ThaddleDo Farm

Bucky ❤️

Bucky was a very old white fuzzy POA (Pony of America) who came to Rebecca at the time of purchase of Sissy. When signing the sale papers for her, the owner stated, as a matter of factly, that it was a package deal. Rebecca came home with 2 equines that day.

He was super-furry due to the cushings syndrome, and oh so very, very old, and looked it. His mouth was wrinkly but his eyes were bright. He was Sissy’s companion from her birth. She lost her momma and Bucky took care of her. Amanda and I loved him very much! He had a good end to his life on our farm (about 3 years), then located out near Newnan’s Lake.

He was put down due to a stroke, something you don’t hear much about, let alone think of a horse having. It was the day before Thanksgiving back in 1996. The story of the digging of his grave, while so very sad, now creates little giggles from those who hear the story. The vet thinks he was 38 years, and perhaps even older at the time of his passing.

Bucky’s bio is coming soon.