Melody ❤️

Melody, formerly known as Thumper, was given to Rebecca from a High School friend who is in the business of racing horses. Melody was small for her age when she came to us. She was sassy and sweet, prancy and pretty. The first thing she did when she off loaded was hide in the trees, so the other horses could not see her. One of the younger students began riding her, and we bagan small jumps. The first jump Melody ever took was perfect form. She gave us a lot of love and smiles. She grew taller and stronger at her time on the farm with her heard. Fuana thought she was her momma. Melody got along with everyone in the heard.

Sadly, in March 2018 Melody began to breath funny. We thought it was pollen and hay dust, but upon a vet check a lump was found in her throat, preventing her from breathing properly. We had her scheduled the next day to go to Ocala to have the lump removed via laser surgery, but she panicked late that night, colicked and was humanely euthanized the next morning.

We are still mourning her loss.

Melody, by ConChords Tune; out of Down the Nile. She was 12 years old.

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